Different Categories of Bar code scanners

January 04, 2017

Different Categories of Bar code scannersA Bar code scanner or bar code reader is an electronic gadget that can read and review printed standardized identifications to a Personal Computer. It comprises of a light source, a focal point and a light sensor making an interpretation of optical driving forces into electrical ones. Survey on bar code scanner market suggests that, some scanners use high determination industrial cameras to catch multiple bar codes at the same time. All the bar code showing up in the image is decoded instantly or by the use of modules.

Types of Bar code scanner:

  • Pen-type Scanners: Pen-type scanners comprise of a light source and photodiode that are set alongside each other in the tip of a pen. The photodiode measures the intensity of the light reflected once more from the light source as the tip crosses every bar and space in the printed code at a relatively uniform speed.
  • Laser Scanners: Laser scanner comes up with the similar properties like pen-type scanner but they use a laser beam as the light source. The light discharged by the reader is quickly altered in brightness with a data pattern and the diode receive hardware is meant to distinguish signals with the similar design pattern.
  • CCD readers: It uses a series of several tiny lights seamed in a row of the reader. Every sensor calculates the intensity of light very fast. The major dissimilarity between a pen-type or laser scanner and a CCD reader is that the latter is measuring discharged encompassing light from the standardized tag while pen or laser scanners are calculating the light that is reflected of a particular recurrence starting from the scanner itself.
  • Camera-based readers: They utilize a camera and image processing practical method to decrypt the bar code. This type of reader uses little camcorders with the similar CCD type as in a CCD bar code scanner instead of having similar rows; a camcorder has many lines of sensors formatted in a two-dimensional series so that they can create an image.