Smartwatches – A revolutionary product of the digital age

December 23, 2016

SmartwatchA smartwatch is an automated wristwatch with the functionality of multi-tasking, they are effectively known as wearable computers. They are having their own custom operating system with many in-built apps to perform several tasks. It uses all the mobile phone features by pairing with Bluetooth or NFC connectivity, once the smartphone is connected to the smartwatch, all the respective notification like messages, email, calls and social networks are shared in the watch, and it is easy to handle all the tasks within the fingertip. It needs to be paired up to a smartphone in order to work to its full efficiency. The major concern covered by the smartwatch is fitness related issues. Nowadays, many smart watches come up with sensors which helps to measure various health related conditions like heart beat, steps counter, calorie counter and water level by their own fitness tracker app as well. More often it allows user to view e-mail, make and receive calls and calendar appointments, just like any personal digital assistant. With different variants of internal hardware these watches consists of OLED or LCD backlit display and according to price range some of them are installed with gorilla corning glasses (toughened glass).

Fully equipped smartwatch starts with the range of $80. These wearable digital watches are fully depending upon mobile operating system like iOS and android to get pairing setup initialization with the smartphone. A certain study done on smartwatch market reveals that, these watches have been around and are set to boom in the next few years as they are upgrading day by day with adding up amazing new features. It is expected that wearable devices would increase considerably by next year. These smartwatches are attractive and capable enough to perform tasks seamlessly with new generation connectivity of apps and refined user interface by the technology aspects, the more is yet to come.