Wipro Sets Up an Automotive Innovation Center in Detroit

December 12, 2018

Wipro has opened the center for automotive innovation in the Detroit city, Michigan to utilize the allied industry and automotive community.

The Bengaluru-headquartered exporter of software services stated in the press release that the cutting edge innovation center would extend Wipro's association with the automotive community of Detroit, showcase and develop the next generation advancements and solutions for the automotive OEMs, level I providers, technology companies, insurers and others.

Prior in the year 2017, Wipro opened the center for car automotive engineering in Detroit that utilizes the local ability for validation, improvement and design of the products related to the cockpit electronic, for example, connectivity systems, end-to-end utilized vehicle solutions and navigation systems.

This center, that will serve as the center where the analysts, auto industry forums, automotive manufacturers and technology partners, can team up on problematic thoughts, will showcase and develop solutions that use the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), artificial intelligence, analytics, crowdsourcing and cloud.

The organization stated the center might evangelize associated vehicle innovations with sensor for data management present on-board, Human Machine Interface (HMI) present In-vehicle, mobile apps for end-user and big data insights for conveying customized driving or portability experiences.

Milan Rao, the Global Head - Manufacturing and Communications Business and the President - Marketing, Innovation and Technology, Wipro, was cited saying, "The combination of digital tech and automotive is increasingly imperative now, than any time in recent memory, to make another biological system which will drive the latest standards of progress for the automotive suppliers and manufacturers. Wipro is focused on teaming up with Tier-I Suppliers and OEMs at the core of the automotive business to develop an environment that cultivates path breaking and innovative solutions for our clients."

Harmeet Chauhan, senior VP, Industrial and Engineering Business, Wipro, stated, “Today the industry of automotive is amidst its most exciting and transformative stage' and it holds "remarkable chances" for manufacturing and technology organizations.”