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November 03, 2016

Sodium silicate is a colorless compound made out of oxides of silica and sodium. This compound is water soluble and is developed by the reaction of silica along with sodium carbonate (soda ash) at very high temperatures. It is generally termed as ‘liquid glass’ or ‘water glass’ and widely known because of its global industrial and commercial application. Sodium silicate products are manufactured as viscous liquids or solids, depending upon their proposed usage. For example, water glass sodium silicate operates as a sealant in metal components. Despite of the fact that this compound’s manufacture is a matured industry, there is a constant research and development for enhanced applications owing to its heat conductive properties. Sodium silicate is a resourceful, inorganic chemical made by amalgamating several ratios of soda ash and sand at extreme high temperatures. It is widely used to manufacture soaps, detergents, and silica gel. Besides, it is used in construction industry as an adhering agent for building various materials and also in paper bleaching, drilling fluids, water treatments, foundry, soil solidification, etc., amongst others. To a certain extent this compound has quite a handful of applications in agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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The global sodium silicate market is predicted to witness considerable growth in the future due to its mounting application in cardboard, textile, and paint industries. Escalated demand for cleaning agents and detergents is anticipated to escalate the demand for sodium silicate in the global market. Moreover, in the recent years there has been a significant rise in the overall demand of this compound especially in the construction and building materials industry paired with increasing number of water treatment projects and both of these factors are likely to fuel the market in the forecast period. Concrete which are treated with sodium silicate solution aids to substantially lessen the porosity in most of the products used for building material such as stucco, plasters and concrete. Elevating infrastructure expenditure is predicted to fuel the sodium silicate market. The blooming automotive industry is predicted to have a lucrative impact on the sodium silicate market owing to the vast use of this compound as filler for elastomers in automotive tires. Regionally, Asia-Pacific is witnessing increased application in the wood processing industry along with acquiring demand in furniture and this as a result, is having a positive impact of the sodium silicate market.

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Emerging economies are experiencing population booming and increased level of incomes which are proving to be the market drivers of this industry. Thriving cleaning and detergents industry in European market is also one of the key factors which are contributing towards sodium silicate market. Paints and coatings demand along with the increasing textile industry is predicted to drive the sodium silicate market at a higher rate in the forecast period. Deep insight of this compound in enhanced oil recovery is predicted to render opportunities to the market manufacturers in the forecast period. Its elevated application in plenty of possibilities such as binders, auxiliary dyes, and coatings is said to further drive the market’s growth. Prime companies functioning in the global sodium silicate market comprise of PPG Industries, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Nippon Chemical, PQ Corporation, Albemarle, Huber, Shangyu Huabao, Shangyu Huachang, Shijiazhuang Shuanglian, Shandong Sinchem Group, Tokuyama, W. R. Grace and Co., and Shanghai Yueda.


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