Ultrafine Strontium Carbonate Market -Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities, And Market Forecast To 2022

June 20, 2017

Strontium is achemical element with soft silver-white and yellowish metallic appearance. This alkaline earth metal is highly reactive with chemicals. It exists naturally in the minerals celestine, strontianite, and putnisite. While the synthetic Strontium-90 is radioactive which is one of the most hazardous and dangerous components that released after nuclear blast, natural strontium is stable.

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As strontium has similar chemicals and physical properties to calcium, it can be absorbed in body. Strontium carbonate is the carbonate salt of strontium. Strontium carbonate is a grey or white, tasteless, odorless powder. It is soluble in dilute acids but insoluble in water and reactive with concentrated acids. UltrafineStrontium Carbonate is inexpensive and hence it is commonly used as colorant in fireworks.  Strontium Carbonate releases a bright red color in flame. Its capability to neutralize acid is used in pyrotechnics. It is used in various applications such as, in sugar refineries,for the preparation of iridescent glass, ceramics industry, luminous paints and certain drugs.

In 2015, The Global Ultrafine Strontium Carbonate Market stood at 240.72 kilo ton, it is expected to reach 372.09 kilo tonby 2022. The estimated compound annual growth rate is 4.91% during the forecast period. Strontium carbonate is most widely used strontium compound. Strontium carbonate has variety of applications and is one of the most important compounds that are used as the predecessor to produce other strontium compounds.  It is produced from the processing and refining of Celestine mineral. It is the main reason behind the high use of ultrafinestrontium carbonate. Rising demand of strontium carbonate for various applications is driving the global ultrafine strontium carbonate market. Some of major applications are; anti-corrosive factor in paints & coatings, red colorant in fireworks, shimmering glass and manufacturing of strontium ferrite for permanent magnets.Ferrite magnets engrossed almost 32.29% of the whole market in 2015.

The major manufacturers in global market are china, Mexico, and Spain. The major consumers of strontium are U.S., China, UK, India, France, North America, Italy, and a few other nations in Asia. In 2015, the North America strontium market emerged dominantly with a share of 29.65%. Similarly in near future, Asia-pacific market will emerge as dominant market. The keymarket players in the Ultrafine Strontium Carbonate Market include BassTech International, Sakai Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., and Solvay.

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