Working of a Chopper Pump

January 03, 2017

Chopper PumpChopper pump is a centrifugal pump that is furnished with a cutting system which is specifically used to break up solids in water that are present in the pumped liquid. These pumps grind and chop huge solids such as bones and are hence used heavily I agricultural as well as industrial applications which includes tasks like meat processing plants, abattoirs and manure handling. The key benefit of a chopper pump is that it precludes clogging of the pump itself and of the adjoining piping. These pumps are available in several forms and configurations, which includes dry-installed and submersible design and also they are generally fitted with an electric motor to function the impeller and to render torque for the chopping system. The fabrication of a chopper pump is comparatively uncomplicated and clear-cut. There exists another chopper at the rear of the impeller to ascertain that solids within the liquid are lessened to the considerable required size. A few of the chopper pumps have a filter at the inlet to arrest any pieces which are to huge to be broken down from getting in and creating a blockage. Because of the pump’s superior solids handling capabilities, the chopper pump is commonly used for pumping sludge, sewage, manure slurries and many other liquids that comprise of large and tough solids. A research on chopper pump market states that these pumps were invented in 1950 and were specially meant for the treating livestock slurry and for processing waste from industrial plant.

How Does a Chopper Pump Work?

A chopper pump functions through a drive unit, i.e., hydraulic motor, electric motor, etc., which converts the impeller and the cutting system. An open impeller design is utilized to positively pass the crushed solids or thick slurry.  A set of toughened steel cutters is established externally to the pump suction with the objective to chop all solids before getting in the hydraulic parts of the pump. A chopper pump must not be confused with a grinder pump, as it uses its impeller as part of the cutting system.

Chopper Pump Applications

  • Drawing agricultural manure
  • Pumping of pulp at paper mills
  • Pumping scum at wastewater treatment plants
  • At biogas facilities for sludge pumping
  • Processing the waste at poultry abattoirs, slaughterhouses, etc.
  • Carrying waste matter at lift stations, particularly sewage containing wet wipes
  • To spread chopped hay in order to prevent soil erosion at highway departments