China Margarine Market by Manufacturers, Type and Application, Forecast to 2021

October 13, 2016

Margarine is an ersatz butter, meaning it is a non-dairy butter substitute. However the taste and physical properties of margarine is very different from that of butter. Butter is made of proteins, water, and butter fats and on the other hand, margarine is made of refined vegetable oil and many a time animal fats. This imitation butter (margarine) is used for various aspects i.e., baking, spreading and cooking. Margarine also consists of tiny amounts of milk, salt, vitamins, coloring matter, etc.

Great percentage of margarine consumption in Asia-Pacific region of China is fuelling the China Margarine Market. Moreover, increasing food service industry coupled with more and more product innovation are a few other elements responsible for the development of margarine market. Altering consumer habits is also lending a hand in propelling the overall market of this industry. This is owing to an elevated need for margarine market due to the change is consumer preferences from processed food to natural food. In addition, more population is practicing baking trends at home and this is propelling the need for margarine market.

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As much as the China margarine market is propelling, there are a few factors hampering the market. Rising number of obesity cases and increased health concerns are two key factors throttling the demand for margarine in this region. Also, government regulations on fabricating and marketing of margarine with respect to licensing, labeling among others, along with health awareness program is hindering the market’s growth. Margarine market usage-wise is sectioned into two categories – spreadable and non-spreadable. The margarine industry based on product is categorized into liquid margarine, block margarine (soft/hard type), and powder margarine. The application of this industry is split into segments such as household, food industry and others. The market particularly focuses on key players such as Dairy Crest, Unilever, ConAgra, Wilmar-International, Yidiz Holding, Bunge, Goodman Fielder, China Agri-Industries Holdings, Grupo Lala, NamChow, Uni-president China Holdings, Zydus Cadila, Mengniu, Cargill, Fuji Oil, Brightdairy, BRF, and Yili.


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